Sunday, 27 November 2011


Magdalena Oden, October 2011

Photographer, Me.

Artist Statement 2.0

       Moving on from my previous work that explored themes of young male adulthood, and the physical form of body entwined within the landscape, I have now begun exploring ideas that work with and advance my own personal interests, in relationships, intimate connections, passion, trust, truth enclosure and openness. I also believe that this exploration is just as much a personal learning experience to my subjects as it will be to me. 
I have been motivated to carry out this practice work from previous experiences and the focus comes from where my own life is at the moment, the people that surround it, the relationships built and the ones lost, the obstacles and trials and other moments. There is no desire to focus on the form of the body, but the chance to be able to observe human life, and communication, to take note of opinions on areas such as monogamy, protection, ownership, censorship through male, female, old and young, and different sexual orientations. 
Through this process - which is almost like an informal ‘interview’ – In away I am psychological and mental stripping away the personal barriers placed, but also being allowed inside those barriers just for that moment.

Though, this is a single portrait, it is the perfect example of the framing involved when focusing on each couple.

I’ll be working to a strict methodology inspired by the likes of,
  • David Bailey (Bailey’s Democracy)
  • Rineke Dijkstra 
  • Hellen van Meene
  • Koos Breukel (Studio Portraits)
  • Richard Kern (Couples / Class Portraits)
  • Wolfgang Tillmans
Working with the 6x7 medium format, portraits take place inside my home and inside the studio.
Individual Portraits – Studio (Non-place)
Couple Portraits – Home (Place)
Reasons for the individual portraits are to look in to the person when their partner is no longer around, to see their personal character.
The Outcome
  • A series of images with no differentiation other than the people inside them
  • A realised relationship between me and each couple and individual