Monday, 13 August 2012


As I mentioned in the previous posts London is now the base.
Me and the bicycle have made it back here, and I don't think it has ever seen so many consecutive miles. I forget how large London is. 

Continuing life at Starbucks is providing a sustainable amount of £££, which is something I'm not particularly complaining about. I was able to land straight on my feet on returning which some people aren't fortunate enough to do. The commute back and forth from Dulwich to Clapham (5.0 Miles) is doing my fitness (and thighs) wonders - which I am not sure which part of my audience that appeals to?

The Manchester to London exhibition we had in mid-July was excellent, it was quite a feat to be able to showcase the work and represent the university on such a good level of professionalism. I am on my internship now with Bloomberg New Contemporaries and the location of it is an actual stones throw away from the location of the gallery we done for the show, so the Shoreditch area has been seeing  a lot of me weekly, and I am smiling because you know, Shoreditch (trendy central) is filled with so many beautiful people - hot men.

 Back in London I am getting word of the up and coming things that is happening in the art world. I have been so out of the loop with London art culture being in Manchester. Manchester has its own, and its great but I'm blown  away with so many things here. Due to the olympics there have been regenerated areas, and small areas becoming trendy hotspots. One great thing I caught wind of was the South London Art MapThe 'South London Art Map' a user-friendly guide to galleries in South London. The South London Art Map runstours and hosts a late night opening of all galleries in south London on the last Friday of every month. Incred.

These are just the Peckham Maps.