Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Lifting the lid off the box of prints, amounted from the past year was the first step in making new work. Organising, analysing the old prints. Which means I guess I am ready to start creating again. 

Adjusting to the lifestyle back home started off as a setback, because your mind frame is pretty much like this - you want things your way 'now, now, now'. You don't have a studio space, you don't have a large amount of equipment to work with, everything thing you may make from now on in your head will be the worst thing you have ever done.

Transient Works II

Business Boom Bolton Feature

Business Boom Bolton Feature

 “Photography is an excellent medium to do the things you want to do; and with that I find that I can explore my own interests through people (Portraits), space (Still Life) and time (Landscape). What Bloomed For Us was a project that started at the beginning of the year. I wanted to photograph couples and move beyond the barriers that are often placed in around relationships. It incorporated all of those spoken about elements into one and played on something I find evident in all of my photographs. A way of focusing on fleeting moments. Transient Works II is a collection of photographs that is taking these fleeting moments further. 
Taking in life’s experiences is influence enough, but I am forever moved by todays leading contemporary artists. Photography from peers up to big names and iconic photographers of the past keep me thinking of other ways to explore the medium.
Having just completed a BA in Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University I now reside in London, interning for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, working as an artist, and starting up as freelance.