Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dutch Photographers Inspire Me

If you were to say, "List your favourite photographers" chances are the first 7 names I would list would be Dutch.
There is something that connects me to their work. I become so drawn in to the beauty, the reality of their subjects.
To begin naming a few I will start with Hellen Van Meene, Rineke Dijkstra, and Koos Breukel. 
I believe as my work has made the transition into the field of portraits more than anything, I became drawn to the things that tie in with me. Emotions, passions, misunderstandings, reality of everyday life, concerns. Things we have to deal with. 
Looking at the three artists I previously named, when you look at their work they take these things into account, they are able to grab that ethereal moment so delicately. 
When I think of good contemporary portraiture work, I automatically think of the Dutch. I'm not sure if it is their culture or the way photography is practiced and taught but they know how to hit the target.

Koos Breukel, Natasha Jaliuc and Arno Nollen

What I think I appreciate the most is the ability to capture real life, photography is a master of a tool in being able to create dreamy situations, and that can be a beautiful thing no matter what the subject. However, for me as a photographer second, and a human being first, I want to use my tool to express where I am in my life, what are the things touching my heart, moving my mind, causing me distress or happiness. What are these things that I have to deal with? And if I have the chance to record that, I will.


Rineke Dijkstra
Quite possibly my favourite photographer of today. When I listen to her talk about her work and the passion that comes from within her on the simplest subjects, I am moved. 
In the past she has forced comparisons and similarities between gender roles and age groups. 
The photographs I have included don't completely show her off but they are here for my own current research, looking into the adolescence age. On that note I will go on to Hellen Van Meene.

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