Saturday, 28 January 2012

Influential quotes - David Bailey, Koos Breukel, Rineke Dijkstra, Richard Kern, Wolfgang Tillmans

I have a few quotes from a few photographers here that I could say have proven to be similar and influential to me over the past months. 
David Bailey
On David Bailey,
“This what Bailey referred to as his ‘imposed democracy’ It forces the viewer of these photographers to confront the human form in the most direct and searingly honest way imaginable.”
Koos Breukel
On Koos Breukel,
“The major difference between other studio photographs and Koos Breukel is that he photographs people because he wants to find out if they have suffered some form of injury as a result of setbacks in their lvies and if they have managed to come to terms with this.”
Rineke Dijkstra
“For Me, the start point of work is observation; how do you look at things and how can you capture emotion or an idea or an image? How do you relate to your subject and what exactly inspires you when you look at something or somebody? What inspires you when you look at works of art?”
Richard Kern
On Richard Kern,
“Photographer and film maker remains, first and foremost, a portraitist. For more than two decades Kern has sought to unravel and illuminate the complex and often darker sides of human nature. Kern makes the psychological space between the sitter, photographer and audience his subject. With his dry, matter of fact approach, he underlines the absurdity of truth and objectivity in photography while playing with our reliance on taxonomies around sexual representation.”
Wolfgang Tillmans
“If sex and violence are used to entertain people or to market something, they are acceptable. It is aimless, directionless sex that shocks and scares people most. Normally when women are photographed thy are offering themselves in someway. People don’t mind that - it’s when self-affirmed, powerful women are shown to be in control of their sexuality that people feel threatened. And yet to me such images are harmless - innocent, even. How odd, that the most innocent image should seem the most obscene.”

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