Sunday, 5 February 2012

Romance, Paris, 2010

Back to my previous post on submitting a print for the Salon Hang taking place in the amazing Holden Tea Room, I have revised the image. 
Romance, Paris, 2010 is the image of I have chosen, it is apart of a future planned book entitled Travelogue (I will talk about this soon). It makes me laugh a little looking at because they so removed from the fact they are in Paris, perhaps they had been walking around all day and just about had enough! I have always wanted to see it printed up quite big either way. So I did, I printed it and managed to pinch a frame that had been laying around the photography area, and with my new found framing skills~ I was able to submit the frame for the Salon Hang.

The Holden Tea Room Cafe is amazing by the way, and I think everyone should visit it before it comes down, excellently executed.

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