Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Title of Work

The titling of my work has been put to the top of the list this week. It is up there and circulating at the front of my mind as I continue to shoot images for the project. 
I always knew I would change the current title which is Walls, because though the project is about boundaries and psychological barriers, it really has nothing to do with physical walls, nor did I have intentions of photographing wall based constructs (though I think about it would have made life easier).
Instead what I have been interested in is the recognised beauty that comes in the form of nature, particularly blossom trees. When I began looking at the kitsch design hanging plates I was admiring its structure. This loaded object filled with symbolism and beauty would always add in fine detail a wreath of flowers. 
We attach flowers to many of life's events and therefore associate them with a beauty. After paying close attention to my photograph Cherry Blossoms 2010, I thought about the life of blossom trees, there symbolical references, and the duration of the life. In japan the Cherry Blossom is a cultural icon. The Japanese track down blossom trees when they begin to appear in season so as to not miss a second of its passing time. The cherry blossom can therefore be a reminder of our own humanity - morality. 
Some of the words I got from its references were, transience, Hanami, and Mono no aware (Buddhist saying). 
My work now since the beginning of 2011 has been about the transient moments in life. These moments that we are not in control of but can only record as they pass us by. Therefore the focus of my camera eye wants to  track down more blossoms, pink, white, red. I am to photograph them absorbing the whole from. With a viewpoint from the ground, that the only thing you can see is the background of which is the sky, the abruptness of the twigs and branches and the blossoms. 
Thoughts on the exhibitions of this work. I am trying to recreate the structure of my own hanging plate in terms of the layout of the images.

 As you can see above, there is an arrangement where the couple is centrally situated, next comes the portraits of them as individuals, and the wreath of flowers surround that. These layers of boundaries and ‘walls’ is the theme I want to focus on. 

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