Friday, 2 March 2012

Weekly Update #1


If you haven’t made a serious list with a good plan of action on the Sunday expect to have a slow start to the week, which is what I had on Monday. 
I had a brief list formed in my head, firstly I was to get some prints window mounted, and back with mount card to give them a more solid feel for portfolio purposes, secondly, decide which three images from Nick’s shoot to print on 20”x24” paper, and thirdly, prepare things for the fundraising events such as the Thursday night film screenings  and the portrait head shots for the ‘Manchester to London’ project.
None of this actually went to plan, marking Monday the start of the week a fail, fortunately Tuesday was the day I was able to get on to the main tasks. I managed to complete the prints of Nick, with them looking like this sat along side the ones of Monika.

I was given the go ahead create duplicates of the same large print once I had the right colour balance sorted out. I always create three prints there and then of one image just for future opportunities, saving me the time of having to get into the darkroom again, and waste paper getting it right all over again.

Just as the darkroom printing of the Monika prints was difficult so was Nick’s. Partly reason to why Monday failed for me, I underestimated the concentration required in printing something of this scale and tricky. 

Looking at these lined up together, they work quite well. Though they appear as a series of photographs here there is a real level of intimacy being revealed in each image. Chances are I will only be able to have a selected couple of prints up for an exhibition, however, looking at these if I had the opportunity to exhibit the whole project I would  grid them as the picture above, very Eija-Liisa Ahtila like. 

Daniel Meadows 
Wednesday, perhaps one of the most hectic days I have had to experience this year so far. It saw the arrival of a guest speaker, great documentary/portrait photographer Daniel Meadows, who's work now veers toward multimedia elements such as short digital stories.
Inspirational talker, and someone we can relate to as a former student of the Manchester School of Arts, which back in 1970 was called Manchester Polytechnic, ha.

The photographs here are all taken from Daniel Meadows: Edited Photographs from the 70s and 80s 

June Street, Salford, February-April 1973

Brighton, Sussex. May 1974

Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria 1974
All pictures are copyright © Daniel Meadows except for the June Street, Salford which is copyright © Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr.
That day also saw me take the lead in photographing a keen student from the Royal Northern College of Music, who needed his portrait taken for an upcoming performance in the college. Due to the incredible (almost ridiculous) amount of people in and about the studio this week I had no choice but to do the shoot in the daylight studio. Which was a very odd set up for me as all the other shoots had taken place in the regular studio, not to mention, I had never used the daylight studio before! Getting the right white balance was the hardest part, however, in the end with the help of Luke and Martyn we managed to get this student what he wanted! In 30minutes!

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