Friday, 27 April 2012

Studio to Crumpsall

So, I was able to hang out with Monika and Mike for most of the day last Wednesday. They met me up at the studio to hopefully recreate the photographs we made the previous time. Mainly because of my concerns with the framing of the photograph. Afterwards, we made the difficult journey to their cosy home in Crumpsall through the rain and battering wind.
In my head I somehow knew that when I got their, no matter what the size of their place was, my eyes was going to be awakened to something grandiose! And, it was.
Walls beautifully covered with various materials, and patterns, with feelings of being in a far away place, I was in their home. 
I had intended to photograph them at home in a way I did not plan to do for the work I am current making (does that make sense?) I had been writing plans to do a separate piece of work focusing on friends in their Manchester homes. Starting with photographs of the exterior, making my way in. 
And so I made my way in...

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