Saturday, 21 April 2012


Had the opportunity to talk with an Ice Cream van owner by the name of Ian whilst me and Alex was trying to get some work done for the Ronald McDonald project.
It was really great to stop for half and hour and talk about what we were doing, how good the weather was currently being to us and how good it was for his business.
Ian went on to tell me how he has been in the Ice Cream business his whole life and still loves it. He’s sons and daughters are all apart of the larger business owning vans themselves.
He allowed me to take his portrait a few times there next to the van and he welcomed the opportunity for me to come back with him one day and do a large family portrait with all the ice cream vans lined up, which is something that interests me very much!
Weather conditions were great but the time of day we were out wasn’t the best, the sun was high in the sky producing a mass amount of light, so the shadows and light hit hard. Many people were passing, many customers were gathering, so it wasn't a great time to stop, pause and be at peace, but I got these two.
The framing should been improved, I am not a fan of the front of the van cropping out of frame, and the saturation of the van isn’t to my taste. Very strong reds. I will get a chance to photograph Ian again, so I don't feel at loss. Next time I will be working with a lens more suited for portraiture.

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