Monday, 23 April 2012

Monika and Mike

"It was great, exceptional even." Was one of the things I said just after spending time in the studio with Monika and Michal, I was excited to see the results. I, however made the silly mistake of not considering that once I photographed Mike by himself in portrait mode on the RB67 I would need to rotate it back to landscape to photograph them both together.
The result of that was very tight portraits, which can be seen here. 
It was an amazing conversation, I could see how their dynamics worked, it wasn’t completed one sided, they spoke about shared memories and travels and what was so great about it was that they had to fill each other in every now and then about things they had missed out.

This week I'm heading back into the studio with them to almost recreate this photographs (it won't happen the same I know that) but we will see what we can do. I will also be heading over to their home with some kit and spend the afternoon with them, making some images..  

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