Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dog Walkers - The Fallowfield Loop

The Fallowfield Loop is an interesting pathway that runs south of Manchester. Moving from the South West it pretty much run up toward the North East of the city, and I was fortunate to live right in the middle of it. 
During Summer 2010 on various cycle trips up and down the stretch I noticed the number of people taking their dogs for walks, all various breeds, sizes and shapes but I kind of appreciated the community that was there between the walkers. 
It was this I wanted to photograph, and also look into the relationship between dog and human. I later found out about an artist, Keith Arnatt, who's work in the 70's looks at this same thing and other series. 
Here is mine, a small series that is not reached its peak, I want to continue working it and make a hardback book of it within the next year.

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