Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ryan McGinley

The American Photographer Ryan McGinley known a lot for his photographs that holds a general sense of liberation through the portrayal of young people became one of the photographers I saw my own work relating too. I had my other sources earlier on, photographers from the mid 20th century for sure, not to mention the wondrous likes of Hellen Van Meene and Rineke Dijkstra, however it was McGinleys kind eye that attracted me to the bodies of his subjects.

All photographs taken from Ryan McGinley's 'Somewhere' and 'Moonmilk' series http://ryanmcginley.com/

I look at Ryan McGinley's photographs sometimes and consider (in a negative viewpoint) why he uses the whole naked approach so much. I'm not sure why I think that but I do, but that aside McGinley's photographs touch me. The technical aspect to a lot of them are fascinating and superb, and the models in their backgrounds are simply beautiful. 

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