Monday, 6 June 2011

William Sharp

The idea of the execution was to make sure both elements of landscape and portraiture was being hit. A difficult feat when you have to take into consideration weather circumstances and the patience of the sitter. 
I was very concerned in how I was going to reach what I wanted without the images to be categorised as 'fashion portraiture'. Ideas to have simple plain drab clothing, black or white ran through my mind in the early development stages, but the chances of that looking cheap and ineffective was too high, and so, the other option was the models to be come almost nude and as far as nude.

And it was with that I begun to find the motive for my exploration, why would I not want them clothed? What statement am I trying to get across if not?
(I think a simple answer is to say I wanted them as plain or as naked as the landscape would be, there would be no secret agenda. They would reveal themselves to their landscape as their landscape would be revealed to them).

William Sharp, my first official model for this exploration was keen on helping me achieve whatever it was I was trying to achieve, and in doing so was happy enough to cycle with me approximately 8miles to our chosen location. A few country fields close to Manchester Airport, and a small village called Styal. 

Will a 6'4 something caucasian ginger male, chosen by my own eye because of tall slim frame. Already knowing that beneath his pattern shirts was a definitive collar bone, defining, shoulder blades, a furry torso, and a revealing spinal cord.

In the end we went down to the location twice. The first time the weather was difficult and I was still working and playing with exposure times, flash, tripod. Here are some of the earlier images that came from this.

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